How to set the CDI timing to 30 degrees from TDC

What you will need:

  • 1/4”- 32 piston stop glow plug thread item number PS14-32 
  • RCEXL Universal Ignition Hall Sensor Timing Device item number 22002 
  • Bull dog clip and a stiff piece of soldering wire (about 20cm)
  • 4.8V or 7.2V battery to power the timing device item number SPMB300LFRX 
  • BLUE threadlock to prevent loosening of screws item number PT-42

Step One

  • Thread the piston stop (PS-1/4-32”) into the spark plug hole
  • Find TDC (Top Dead Centre) on your engine by rotating the prop hub / crank shaft in either direction until the piston hits the piston stop.
  • Ensure the piston stop is low enough that you can feel a slight friction, but not threaded so fardown that you cannot rotate the crank shaft past that point.

Step Two

Install conversion kit hardware, using BLUE threadlock to secure the screws:

  • Secure the sensor ring or bracket with the sensor lead.
  • Gently secure the magnet ring - tight enough to hold it but not so tight you can't rotate it.

Step Three

  • Position the protractor from the Timing Device (GE3003) onto the prop hub / prop drive (you may have to enlarge the centre hole on the protractor to fit, depending on your engine).
  • Secure it with the prop drive nut
  • Find a suitable place on the engine to attach the bull dog clip and use it to grip one end of the soldering wire.
  • Take the other end of the soldering wire and point it to zero degrees. This will allow you to make an accurate rotation.
  • Rotate the crack shaft / prop hub / protractor (it will all move together) CLOCKWISE 30 degrees, so the soldering wire is pointing precisely to 30 degrees to the left side of zero.
  • Thread the piston stop clockwise until it meets the piston at 30 degrees. This will prevent you from losing the 30 degree angle.
  • Remove the bull dog clip, soldering wire, prop drive nut and the protractor.

Step Four

  • Take the timing device (small black box from the timing device package GE3003) and plug the end of the sensor lead (which is attached to the sensor bracket or ring) into the timing device.
  • Power up the timing device by plugging it into 4.8V or 7.2V battery.

Step Five

  • Rotate magnet ring anticlockwise until the magnet on it passes underneath the sensor. The piston stop will prevent the crank shaft from turning, but you should be able to turn the magnet ring by itself.
  • When the magnet passes underneath the sensor, the green light on the box will come on and beep. At that point the ring is at 30 degrees from TDC. This is where it needs to be.
  • Tighten up the grub screws to secure the magnet ring in its place.

Step Six

  • Remove the timing device, unplug the battery and unthread / remove the piston stop.
  • Install the 1/4-32” spark plugs provided and to install the RCEXL spark plug cap on the spark plug push down and twist clockwise to lock the cap on the the spark plug.
  • And push down and twist anticlockwise to remove the spark plug cap
  • You’er all done
  • Happy Flying 
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