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Gas / Petrol and Glow Engine Rebuild Service and Test Run

  • Single Cylinder Engine Service and Test Run £80 + VAT and Parts
  • Twin Cylinder Engine Service and Test Run £100 + VAT and Parts
  • 3 Cylinder EngineService and Test Run £120 + VAT and Parts
  • 4 Cylinder Engine Service and Test Run £140 + VAT and Parts
  • 5 Cylinder Engine Service and Test Run £160 + VAT and Parts
  • 7 Cylinder Engine Service and Test Run £200 + VAT and Parts
  • 9 Cylinder Engine Service and Test Run £240 + VAT and Parts

Conversion Kit Installation Service

Morris' Mini Motors has custom made conversion kits to fit your engine of choice. Have a look in the shop for kits to fit popular brands like Saito, OS, SC, Evo, YS, and ASP. Can't find what you need? We are adding new kits all the time. Please get in touch!

  • Single Cylinder Engines Installation and Test Run £40 + VAT and Parts
  • Twin Cylinders Engines Installation and Test Run £45 + VAT and Parts 
  • Inline / V Twin and Uneven Fire Twin Engines Installation and Test Run £50 + VAT and Parts
  • Radial and Multi Cylinders Installation and Test Run £55 + VAT and Parts

Engines Parts stock

  • We stock a wide range genuine parts for Saito, OS, SC, RCGF, UMS, DLE, DA, DLA, EME, NGH andWalbro and Zama carbs.

If you are looking for a shop for conversion kits, engine parts or accessories for your remote control planes you have come to the right place!
Morris' Mini Motors also provides a conversion kit installation service for your Single , Twin , Inline / V Twin and Uneven Fire Twin Radial and Multi Cylinders Engines.

If you have any questions please get in touch,

Tel ;01684 566566

Mob ;07758 065881 

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