Roto Motor 125cc FSI Gas / Petrol Inline Twin Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine

Manufacturer: Roto Motor
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Release Date: 2023-03-02

The Roto 125 FSi is a new engine for inline engine aircraft. The design of the engine was aimed at easy installation in an aircraft with a narrow fuselage. Engine performance is comparable to 125cc four-stroke engines, low idle and easy starting is a given.

The engine has been developed with all the experience provided from the Roto - UAV development group and meets the highest possible standards of production quality and output testing.

The Roto 125 FSi is a twin cylinder, four stroke, air cooled inline engine with a single carburettor for ease of user setup. The engine is completely built on roller bearings and is completely maintenance free. Engine lubrication is provided by a system adopted from Roto - UAV and no relubrication is required. The valves and their gears are developed so that their inspection is not necessary before 40 hours of operation.

  • Technical data

    Engine displacement 125 ccm
    Power 7 HP
    Max static engine thrust 21 kg
    Bore 2x48 mm
    Engine weight 4300 g
    Engine & ignition weight 4580 g
    Arrangement of the engine inline two-cylinder
    Cooling air-cooled
    Lubrication petrol 95 oct. + 2% oil
    RPM 1100 – 6000
    Fuel system Carburettor
    • Recommendations

      Recommended airplanes models
      • Acrobatic: Up to 3 m 
      • Scale/Sport: Up to 4,5 m
      Recommended propeller
      2 BLADE: 28/10 up to 30/14
      3 BLADE: 26/10 up to 28/12
    • Standard packaging

      ROTO 125 FSi 1x
      Ignition 2x
      Exhaust pipes 2x
      Waste oil hose 1x
      Spark plug key CM6 1x
      Cable tie 4x
      Silicone tube 2x
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Release date 2 Mar 2023
Manufacturer Roto Motor
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