UMS 200cc Gas Twin Cylinder 4 Stroke Engine

Manufacturer: UMS
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The UMS TWIN BOXER 200CC it is a very reliable engine, machined with a very hi precision .


Key Features

  • 2 Cylinder in BOXER configuration absolutely stunning looks and realism
  • 200 cc displacement perfect for scale project
  • Comes complete with exhaust muffler ,spark plugs,electronic ignition, and engine mount ready to run
  • User-friendly choke and throttle bellcranks included makes installation and operation easy
  • Made from aluminum or bar stock where appropriate and CNC-machined accurate and repeatable specifications each and every time
  • Cylinder head and crankcases produced from aircraft grade alloys
  • Heavy duty double bearing crankshaft
  • Billet aluminum pistons and hardened steel rings
  • Hard chromed and lapped cylinder bores
  • Hardened steel cams
  • Burns 87-110octane gasoline with 32:1 gas/oil mixture


UMS Twin 200CC Boxer



TBD  Manual

  Standard Metric
Type 4-Stroke Petrol SPARK IGNITION
CAPACITY (CU. IN) 12.2 200 CC
Bore 2.04″ 52.00MM
Stroke 1.88″ 48.00MM
Thrust* 55.11lbf @ 32×14 Mez  prop 25kgf @ 32×14 Mez prop.
Power (HP) TBD TBD
Rotation (RPM) 1000 – 4600 1000 – 4600
Weight 13.11 lbs 5.95 kg incl.(silencer )
Engine Width 13.93″ 354MM
Engine Length 8.99″ 228.5MM
Propeller** 32 x 14 MEZ –  33×14 SEP  32 x 14 MEZ –  33×14 SEP
Muffler Type Collector Collector
Plug Type CM-6 RcExl CM-6 RcExl
Carburetor WALBRO WT-225 WALBRO WT-225
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Manufacturer UMS
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